Annual Report 2014

Investor Relations

The Bank makes every effort to upgrade transparency, as well as the quality and quantity of information available to investors and shareholders. The Bank focuses on providing equal access to public information for all stakeholders. Today, the Bank’s investors and shareholders can access all data disclosed by public companies. In particular, all required information is available on the Bank’s website.

The Bank regularly publishes financial reports under IFRS and RAS standards, and issues press releases on the most significant corporate events. In 2014, four telephone conference calls and webcasts dedicated to financial results were held for investors and analysts.

Foreign institutional investors constituted 33.0% of the Bank’s voting shares as at November 1, 2014.



Source: Bank research, November 1, 2014.

Quality analytical coverage is a key aspect that forms an investor’s perception of an issuer. As of January 1, 2015, 20 companies conduct analytical coverage of the Bank and regularly release reports on the Bank’s financials.

The 2013 Annual Report of Bank Saint Petersburg received the top (Platinum) Award at LACP Vision Awards 2013, the world's largest annual report competition, in the category Banks: gross revenues up to USD 1 bn. Among the Top-100 companies from all industries Bank Saint Petersburg ranked 33rd worldwide, while among the Top-80 EMEA the Bank ranked 13th. The competition was held by LACP, League of American Communications Professionals LLC, which selects best-in-class companies on an annual basis and evaluates the efficiency of communications materials.

Making every effort to maintain a two-way dialogue with the investment community, Bank representatives pay significant attention to interacting with analysts and investors. During 2014, the Bank's management participated in international investment conferences, while various one-on-one meetings were also held on a regular basis at the Bank's headquarters.