Annual Report 2014


Bank Saint Petersburg attaches great importance to the successful development of the Russian Northwest, strictly adhering to social responsibility principles in its business operations. As the largest private bank in the region, Bank Saint Petersburg never distances itself from socially significant projects in the region, always taking an active part in them.

The Bank pays particular attention to the following three groups of social responsibility initiatives: supporting underprivileged children, protecting the environment, and encouraging financial awareness.


In 2014, the Bank proceeded with its long-term aid program for Kolpino Foster Care Centre No. 27. The project started in 2006 when the Bank joined the institution's Board of Trustees. In addition to improving the Centre's facilities and infrastructure, the Bank also offers the children additional vocational training, healthcare and leisure activities. The Bank consistently provides incentives for talented teachers of the Centre.

BSPB is actively involved in implementing socially important charity programs in the city. For nearly 10 years the Bank has been supporting the "Helping Homeless Dogs" Charity Foundation.

As a special gift to the city residents for the upcoming winter holiday season, Bank Saint Petersburg completed an urban infrastructure improvement project by installing 130 benches in the parks and public gardens of St. Petersburg, with 100 in the Krasnogvardeisky District, and 30 in the Kurortny District. The benches were manufactured from high quality durable materials, such as wood, polished granite and marble, which makes them vandal resistant and well coordinated stylistically with the city's architectural environment.

Appropriately for its High Culture Banking slogan, Bank Saint Petersburg constantly supports important cultural initiatives in the city. 2014 was the third year when the Bank became the title sponsor of the traditional St. Petersburg Museum Night, one of the city's most spectacular annual cultural events. As part of the International Museum Day celebrations, more than 80 museums, libraries and galleries hosted various exhibitions overnight into May 18.

In late August, the Bank supported a public plein-air event for those willing to learn to paint as part of the Van Gogh Alive exhibition.


Bank Saint Petersburg cooperates with a wide range of enterprises in St. Petersburg in order to support environmentally-oriented projects.

For instance, in 2014 the Bank issued a guarantee to Lenmontazh LLC to secure the performance of a government contract for capital repair of a cultural heritage site, the Rzhevsky (Okhtinsky) Hydroengineering Complex dam on the Bolshaya Okhta River, ordered by the St. Petersburg Natural Resources Management, Environment Protection and Environmental Safety Committee.

Another example is the guarantee securing the obligations of OJSC TSP under the contract for construction of a processing plant neutralizing the toxic agents in landfill gas (biogas) and transforming it into electric power. The plant is under construction on the site of the Novy Svet-Eco solid domestic waste landfill in the Novy Svet settlement of the Gatchina District (Leningrad Region).


Since 2012, in addition to its traditional charity events, the Bank has been supporting its employees in their own volunteer projects. During 2014, more than 500 Bank employees volunteered for a number of important charity projects including:

  • The White Flower Program supporting a children's hospice;
  • Supporting Raduga Children's Musical Theatre Company;
  • Classes and workshops held at Kolpino Foster Care Centre No. 27, including financial awareness workshops;
  • Renovation of the holiday camp centre for underprivileged children in Tikhkovitsy village;
  • New Year gift drive and holiday event for the children of the Sortavala Orphanage.

Bank Saint Petersburg is fully aware of the importance of building a healthy social environment in the city of St. Petersburg and in the Northwest of Russia, and will continue to be actively involved in the social life of the city by implementing its traditional charity projects and encouraging volunteer initiatives of its employees.