Annual Report 2014


Bank Saint Petersburg creates for its employees the most favourable environment to unlock their potential and ensure their professional growth. According to the employee engagement survey held in 2014 by an independent agency, 86% of the employees highly appreciate the career opportunities offered by the Bank and would recommend the Bank as an employer to their friends.

Bank Saint Petersburg is one of the largest employers in the region; its head count is more than 3 400 people as of January 1, 2015. Currently 43% of the staff work in branch networks and 23% in the Head Office business departments.


JANUARY 1, 2015




Extensive efforts are being made to promote the Bank's employer brand on the Internet. The Bank communicates with potential job applicants also by participating in dedicated forums, job fairs and roundtables, such as Professional Advancement, Choose the Future, Friend Work, etc. Over the reporting year, more than 8 000 new resumes were added to the Bank's database which currently stores over 37 000 CVs.

One of the opportunities for young professionals to join the Bank's team is to take part in its Future Banker program targeted at attracting the most promising graduates of the St. Petersburg schools of economics and training them in practical banking skills. In 2014, 52 out of the 95 project finalists who successfully completed the training were employed by the Bank, and the rest joined the pool of candidates. The Future Banker program made it possible to fill 32% of vacancies in the front offices and 27% of the loan officer vacancies.


BSPB's HR policy is aimed at staffing the Bank with employees who share its corporate values and demonstrate high professionalism.

In 2014, a total of 343 training events were held for the employees of the Bank's branch network, and more than 1 300 employees completed 33 various distance learning courses. The key areas of training for the outlet network staff comprise proactive selling and cross-selling techniques, effective negotiation skills and quality customer services. Training efficiency is measured through annual knowledge testing which helps identify future staff development opportunities.

Middle and senior management took part in specific skills development programs focused on mentorship, job interviews, efficient communications and quality services. The Effective Management course was completed by 91 managers.

The Bank's key professionals and managers were also engaged in training events organized by third parties. In 2014, over 1 900 Bank employees took part in themed roundtables, forums, and conferences.

A mentorship program was introduced in the Bank's outlets in 2014, providing a dedicated mentor for each new employee. Mentorship facilitates the hiring of new front office team members and enhances the quality of services offered and banking products sales. The Bank regards mentorship not only as an opportunity to transfer knowledge and best practices, but also as an instrument of self-development. The program's slogan, "We Develop Ourselves by Developing Others", accurately reflects this objective and its benefits compared with other HR practices.


The Bank's corporate values still remain as the mainstay of its effective and efficient performance. As part of the Performance Appraisal procedure introduced by the Bank in 2013, results-oriented performance became the principal development target for the Bank's corporate culture. One of the tools intended to promote this results-oriented approach is the Internal Service Quality Assessment survey; 2014 was the first year when survey results counted towards meeting KPIs.

The Bank of Gifts project initiated in 2014 provides additional incentives for the employees of business units demonstrating outstanding sales performance.

The integrated information environment for the Head Office and the branch network is supported by the corporate intranet website, posters and printed communications, as well as corporate events.

As a means of promoting corporate culture, a competition was organized in 2014 for the children of the Bank's employees. The participants expressed their understanding of the Bank's corporate values in short videos.


The Bank's social policy is designed to help its staff live a healthy life. Employees can get partial compensation of their gym memberships, while the Bank's social security package includes a private health insurance policy.

The weekly futsal, basketball and volleyball practice that the employees are engaged in allowed the Bank to put together teams which are showing excellent results in corporate tournaments. In 2014, the Bank's futsal team won the Business League Spring championship. At the interbank sports festival organized by the Association of Banks of the North West of Russia and the North West Main Department of the Central Bank of the RF, the Bank's employees won the pool tournament and came third in chess and futsal competitions. In addition, the Bank's team was the runner-up in the beach volleyball tournament for leading trading and financial companies in 2014.