Annual Report 2014

Private Banking

Since 2007, the Bank has successfully been developing a modern Private Banking business, providing personal banking services to the most wealthy private clients.

As of January 1, 2015, the total number of VIP-segment clients stood at 2 013, 1 562 of whom were members of the VIP-Club Private Banking BSPb, a private club for wealthy private clients. In 2014, the volume of deposits attracted from the VIP-segment increased by 27%, reaching more than RUB 36 bn.

Private Banking allows customers to receive the full range of banking products and services, including deposits, lending and cash management services, as well as brokerage, dealing and consulting services, tailored to address an individual client’s needs. The significant number of investment, real estate and insurance partners allows the settlement of customers’ issues of various levels of complexity. The Bank's Concierge Service efficiently deals with customer requests related to travel, private aviation, real estate and art purchases, etc.

Private Banking is continuously updating and refining its line of own products and services offered to customers. The following projects were launched in 2014:

  • New term deposits introduced: the Favourite is a long-term deposit on flexible terms; the Reserve Asset is a deposit with high interest rates;
  • A broadened range of services related to the comprehensive support of real estate transactions;
  • Improved tariff plans for VIP customers;
  • An upgraded version of the VIP web site.

Several upscale events were held for the Bank's customers in 2014 either independently by the Concierge Service or in cooperation with the Bank's partners, such as the MasterCard payment system.

The Private Banking business of Bank Saint Petersburg is committed to consistently enhancing its service quality, broadening its customer base and improving the range of its products and services.