Annual Report 2014

Strategic Goals of Retail Banking

Bank Saint Petersburg is one of the key players in St. Petersburg’s retail banking market and is striving to become the premier banking choice for St. Petersburg residents.

The Bank has more than 1 400 000 retail customers today, which offers a good base for successful retail business growth. The total number of transactions performed by the Bank for its retail customers in 2014 reached 8 600 000.

According to the Bank’s strategy, its retail business unit has the following priorities for the period through 2017:

  1. The Bank’s wider presence in the electronic environment – growing numbers of Internet Bank users and transfer of a significant share of customer operations to electronic channels. One of the priority areas for the retail business is to boost online sales.
  2. Broadening the share of retail loans in the Bank’s loan portfolio without the need to “go out in the street” by using the advantages of its existing customer base. Essential tools for reaching this goal are the launch of mass sales of credit cards, improvement of overdue debt follow-up and recovery mechanisms, and mortgage portfolio securitization.
  3. Settlement business enhancement – targeted work on new segments, increased issuing of cards, loyalty programs ensuring customer retention and intensification of card payments.
  4. Upgrading sales channels and customer support infrastructure: a new retail office format, improved self-service areas and strategic development of remote service and sales channels.

Retail banking plays an important role in diversifying the Bank’s income. The Bank’s success in the retail segment is based on the following principles:

  • Set high service standards;
  • Present a complete product line;
  • Establish high brand recognition;
  • Offer service accessibility: an extensive network of branches, operating cash registers, ATMs, payment kiosks, convenient Internet Bank;
  • Utilize relationships with corporate clients to cross-sell.