Annual Report 2014

Strategic Goals of Corporate Banking

Bank Saint Petersburg’s corporate banking business remains primarily focused on the regional market of St. Petersburg. This reflects the foundation of the Bank’s strategy — to be a regional leader. The stable growth in the Bank’s client base over many years is a testament to the success and effectiveness of the chosen strategy.

Today, the Bank’s corporate clients number more than 55 000 companies. The total number of transactions performed by the Bank for its corporate customers in 2014 exceeded 8 200 000.

In line with the strategy aimed at building an efficient bank with a scalable business model, the following principal goals were set for the corporate business unit:

  • Further deconcentration of the corporate loan portfolio and a growing share of higher margin products achieved by promoting mass segment corporate lending;
  • More efficient services for the existing customer base by means of cross-selling products and services to corporate customers;
  • Enhancement of the customer relationship management system and promotion of investment banking services for major corporate customers.

The Bank has strong potential to implement the chosen strategy and, to achieve this, is utilizing its primary competitive advantages in the region:

  • Quick decision-making;
  • Flexibility and responsiveness in addressing client needs;
  • Expert knowledge of the local market.

The Bank continues to improve its performance, and offers a wide range of cutting-edge banking services to small-, medium- and large-sized enterprises, taking into account each client group’s particular requirements and interests. More than 24 years of operating on the local market illustrates the Bank’s full integration with local business.