Annual Report 2014

The Bank’s Profile

One of the largest banks in Russia’s Northwest Region, Bank Saint Petersburg was founded in 1990, at the very beginning of Russia’s modern banking system. Since then, the Bank has become an integral part of Northwest Russia’s financial and economic system.

Bank Saint Petersburg is a leader in the city’s financial services market, ranking 16th among Russia’s largest banks (as of January 1, 2015).

The Bank provides services through its 48 branches and offices to more than 1 400 000 private clients and 55 000 corporate clients, including major companies located in St. Petersburg. The Bank is proud of its market share and the long-term relationships it has with clients.

First and foremost, Bank Saint Petersburg is a city bank whose task is to contribute to St. Petersburg’s future by providing high quality banking services to the residents of the city and local companies. The Bank pays special attention to financing programs related to the city life of St. Petersburg by providing loans to all industries and production facilities and proactively developing credit programs focused on small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

In late 2007, the Bank became the first privately-owned Russian bank to successfully complete an IPO. Today, the Bank’s shares are listed on the stock market of the Moscow Exchange.

The Bank follows the principles of corporate social responsibility and supports city programs aimed at improving the social and economic climate of St. Petersburg.